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Seasoning, Spices

Mackerel Stock Powder


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Seasoning, Spices

Mackerel Stock Powder


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This is a powdered "stock" which brings out the natural-brewed soy sauce and the flavor of mackerels. It is made at the oldest soy sauce store in Japan "Muroji Soy Sauce". This contains glutamic acid as well as 20 different kinds of amino acid. Also, peptide and taurine to reduce blood pressure, and DHA to improve blood flow are fully contained. You can instantly enjoy an authentic natural stock which necessary ingredients with natural flavor are combined in the own golden ratio. This is acquired halal certification.


Ingredients: soy sauce, mackerel, tapioca, salt, bonito, scallop, shiitake mushroom, kelp

Contained: 20 g

Weight (incl. packaging): 150 g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve: sprinkle on dishes as you prefer

Cautions:  This is additive-free. All 20 different kinds of necessary amino acid are contained. The amount of salt per shake is approx. 0.05 g. This is a halal-certified product.

How to store: store at room temperature. Avoid high humidity and seal tight. Best consumed immediately after opening.

Best consumed immediately after opening the package.

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Item No. V04654999028
Jan: 4580218890359

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