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Yellow Dragon


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Home décor

Yellow Dragon


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A glass art "Oryu" carefully made by professional glass artisans, using a traditional technique. From the old days, a symbol of power "Oryu" is said to be like a god to raise many types of fortune, and it was believed to have a power of rising individual luck as well. Especially "yellow dragon" is one of the "Oryu", which has a financial power and it is said to be great to put on the west part instead of the center of the house. It is designed with dynamism and delicacy which makes "Oryu" attractive. It will be a great gift.


 Materials: soda glass

 Place of production: Fukuoka Prefecture

 Name of brand: Hakata vidro

Manufacturer: suikoubou

Color: brown

 Size details: 22 cm (width) x 24 cm (height)

 Weight(g) (item only): 1600

 Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 2600

 Handling precautions:

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid a place which is unstable, too small to decorate, and may have a risk of falling objects.

Be careful not to scratch the furniture and the floor with it because of its character. 

It is washable with a neutral detergent. Dry well after washing. Be careful not to drop. It is very slippery when washing.

Do not use a sponge, brush, metallic spatula, and cleanser. It may be damaged. Use a soft cloth. Do not use a dish washer.

It is not heat-resistant glass. It may get damaged by a sudden change of temperature. Also, it is not microwavable.

Do not leave in any liquid for a long time. It may cause mold, stain, and smell.

 Others:  accessories: wooden tag, decorative stand

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Item No. V04424999028
Jan: 4589588472059

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