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Laquered Headphone Amp Sakura


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Laquered Headphone Amp Sakura


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A beautiful artful piece, made with a traditional lacquering technique called “Tsugaru-nuri (Tsugaru coating)” from Tsugaru, Aomori. The technique that has been passed down since the mid-Edo period and takes persistence and commitment to perfect. The Karanuri technique used for this piece is the most popular type of Tsugaru coating; there are 48 steps involved in the process. Each and every one of these amps have been made by polishing and lacquering dozens of times. Enjoy the sophisticated spotted design and depth of color. 

■ Weight  [g]: 17g 

■ Weight (including packaging) [g]: 110 g 

■ Materials / Ingredients: Lacquer Coating 

■ Origin: Aomori Prefecture 

■ Brand Name: Tsugaru Nuri 

■ Precautions: The coating may dry and crack on if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time

■ Other: 

10+ hours of playing time. 

1.5-2 hours to full charge (built-in lithium battery) ·

Turns on automatically when earphones are inserted 

Comes with MicroUSB cable and plug

If we are out of stock, production will start once your order is placed. 

Item No. V01955999028

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