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Hitotema Kit Rice Scoop


In Stock V01241999028
School of Nishikawakura and Forest Co., Ltd.


Hitotema Kit Rice Scoop


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A little handiwork teaches us new ways to enjoy our time.
This concept takes form in this easy wooden tableware carving set, the Hitotema Kit. 
Pull the shapes out of the wooden frame. Carve with freedom. Polish. Enjoy adding your own handiwork.

What is the Hitotema Kit? 
This kit makes wooden tableware carving approachable. 
Pull out the pre-cut spoon and fork from the wooden frame, carve to your liking with a chisel or small knife, and finish with sandpaper. The process is simple and requires no special tools.  
Your skill will improve every time you create, allowing you to enjoy the evolution of your work and make perfect gifts for handmade-loving friends. 
This Hitotema Kit provides the excitement of craftsmanship and allows you abundant moments of handiwork. Add the perfect accent to your dinner table, and your entire home.

■ Size details (mm): length 22.5 cm width 9 cm thickness 0.7 cm

■ Weight (item only) [g]: 63

■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 68

■ Materials / Ingredients: Solid Hinoki (domestic wood)

■ Origin: Okayama Prefecture Nishi Akura Village

■ Brand Name: Hitotemakit 

Item No. V01241999028

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