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Stoles, Mufflers

Dobby Cotton Silk Scarf Purple


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Stoles, Mufflers

Dobby Cotton Silk Scarf Purple


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This scarf, which uses a unique textile with the fragrant olive motif, is made of cotton-silk.
The Inspiration you may find in everyday life reflects on this exclusive hatsutoki textile.
Repeating the detailed weave pattern creates the dobby textile,
which is one of the Banshu-Ori's specialties.

Combination of cute flower motif and elegant image of chambray
will surely make a gorgeous look.

■Color: Purple
■Materials: 80% Cotton, 20% Silk
■Made in Hyogo
■Brand's Name: hatsutoki
■Size: M
■Size Details: H 75cm, W 75cm
■Weight(g) (item only): 55
■Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 65
■Handling Caution:
・This item uses a delicate material with its emphasis on its texture.
Putting an excessive pressure on the material may cause the seams to open and the thread to break.
Do not put too much pressure on it especially when washing, putting on/taking off, and wearing it.
・Be careful with accessories, nails, and any sharp objects.
・Dry Clean Only.

Item No. V05267999028

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