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Necktie (Hishikobanakinran)


In Stock V02980999028
Suzuki Era Fragment Research Institute


Necktie (Hishikobanakinran)


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A textile previously loved by royalty and aristocrats. Recreating a design that came from abroad and made into a necktie that will enhance an outfit. Hishikobanakinran pattern with its perfectly lined caltraps and small flowers laid out inspires elegance and gorgeousness. 

◆Because a wool interlining is used, its resilience after tying is excellent.
◆It has a string attached to correct twisting and bending 

■ Size details (mm): Length (approx.) 140 cm × maximum width 9 cm
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 63
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 153
■ Materials / Ingredients: Outer fabric: Silk · Double-sided vapor deposition lining Lining: Rayon
■ Origin: Japan
■ Brand name: Hishikobanakinran Tie
■ Handling precautions: It may get fuzzed due to wear. There is a case that it may be turned by scratching or hooking the two-sided vapor deposition thread with a strong force. Be sure to dry clean the laundry.
■ Other The position of the handle may differ slightly from the photo.

Item No. V02980999028

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