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Nara Hotel Original Set of 3 Sake


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Nara Hotel Original Set of 3 Sake


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Nara Hotel original sake created by Toyosawa Shuzo, a historical Nara sake brewery established in 1868. Labels design based on the hotel tag used in the early Showa era (1945-1956). 

Daiginjo (300 ml) features a fruity scent and mellow body created by bringing out the savory flavors of rice to the maximum via long-term low-temperature fermentation. Junmai Ginjo (300 ml) and Junmai-shu (300 ml) display the perfect balance of subtle ginjo scent and savory rice flavor. This set of 3 easy-to-drink sakes also makes the perfect gift. 

The Nara Hotel was established in 1909 as a state guest house for the Kansai region. Many public figures have stayed at this distinguished hotel, including royalty, state guests, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller, and Audrey Hepburn. The hotel stands on a hill above Nara Park, and its appearance harmonizes with the abundant natural environment of the ancient capital of Nara. It stands in glory even 100 years after its construction. Its stately, gracious appearance is reminiscent of the time of its building and still captures the heart of everyone who visits.

Serving instructions:
Daiginjo: enjoy chilled
Junmai Ginjo: enjoy chilled or room-temperature (or slightly heated)
Junmai-shu: enjoy chilled or room-temperature (or slightly heated)

Ingredients: rice (Japan), rice malt (Japan)
Volume: 300 ml x 3 bottles
Alcohol: 15-17%
Made in: Nara Prefecture
Storage: room temperature
Brand: Nara Hotel



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Item No. V04077999028

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