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  9. Wheat Shochu Iichiko Special 30 % 720ml


Wheat Shochu Iichiko Special 30 % 720ml


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Wheat Shochu Iichiko Special 30 % 720ml


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"Iichiko special" is a genuine wheat shochu stored for long period of time. In order to bring out the expanded aroma and its mild depth, new yeast which is made with "iichiko yeast" to bring fruity fragrance is used.  Enjoy the clear aroma and rich flavor and its depth. You can serve it on the rock, with water, with hot water, and so on. This high-end bottle will be a great gift.

Contents: 720 ml



Ingredients: barley malt, barley

Alcohol percentage: 30

Contents: 720 ml

Weight (g)(incl. packaging): 1500 g

Place of origin: Japan


Although natural ingredients may be precipitated, there is no problem in quality. 

How to store: at room temperature




Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by Japanese law. Regarding delivery to outside Japan, we will refuse ordering of alcoholic beverages for those under the age of 20. 
(Taking consideration of law and regulation on each country, we are limiting the countries and areas that deliver alcoholic beverages on our site.)

Item No. V04248999028

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