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[Coffee] Organic Iced Coffee Liquid (no sugar) 1L


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Tamaya coffee shop


[Coffee] Organic Iced Coffee Liquid (no sugar) 1L


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Italian roasted coffee blending full bodied Indonesian beans with perfect bitterness and aroma, perfectly balanced Columbian beans and neutral beans of Peru. Rich and deep flavored iced coffee made using such beans extravagantly cannot be seen anywhere else. The concept is "Organic and delicious coffee". We are using raw beans with organic JAS mark which can be tracked back to its production area.
-Ingredients: Organic coffee (Indonesia,? Colombia,? Peru)
-Contents: 1000ml
-Made in Japan
-Serving Instructions: Chill either while still in pack or pour over ice and enjoy. Add sweetener or milk if preferred.
-Please note:
-After opening,? store in your refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
-Coffee ingredients may separate or float,? but this has no effect on product quality.
-Do not attempt to heat for freeze the product while in the pack. This will cause the contents to expand,? which may cause the pack to tear or burst.
-Storage Instructions:
-Please store away from direct sunlight,? high temperatures,? and high humidity.
-After opening,? store in your refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
-Manufacturer: Tamaya Coffee Co.,? Ltd.

-Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.



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Item No. V01074999028

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