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  9. Kumanofude Rotary luxury lip silver


Kumanofude Rotary luxury lip silver


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Kumanofude Rotary luxury lip silver


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Using resilient Kolinsky bristles, this is a portable lip brush you can blend out beautifully even with a small amount of lipstick. The top is circle/flat type yet rounded so you can draw the corners of your lips beautifully. For the handle, a luxurious alumite has been used. Take the cap off and put it on the back of the brush and turn the handle to bring out the brush. (Its total length is measured when the cap is on. When it is retracting approx. 8.5 cm) 

■ Size details (mm): Total 14, 5 cm, Hair length 10 mm
■ Weight (product only) [g]: 50
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 50
■ Materials / Ingredients: Kolinsky
■ Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano
■ Brand name: Tanseido
■ Handling Precautions: How to Care for Cosmetic Brushes
Basic: Care every time you use a brush
① Lip brushes wipe off the color with tissue after use.
② Let's dissolve the shampoo in lukewarm water once every six months, wash it, finish it with rinse and dry the coat.
■ There are other stocks to some extent, but if there is no stock, the product will be produced after ordering. For delivery dates, please contact our support center.

Item No. V02477999028

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