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  9. Tamura Mikan Whole Jelly Set 9pcs


Tamura Mikan Whole Jelly Set 9pcs


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Tamura Mikan Whole Jelly Set 9pcs


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Wakayama is the largest producer of mandarin oranges in Japan. Arida is especially famous for its oranges, and Tamura Mikan is said to be the most delicious brand. This jelly desfsert includes 3 whole Tamura Mikan oranges in each pack. The perfect balance of sweet and sour can only be achieved in Tamura, the best environment for mandarine production. Enjoy Tamura Mikan at its fullest with this juicy dessert. 

- Ingredients: mandarin orange syrup (mandarin oranges, oranges juice, sugar), glucose fructose liquid sugar, oligosaccharide, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), acidulant, antioxidant (vitamin C), fragrance, Paprika pigment 

- Contents: 250 g × 9 

- Country of Origin: Japan 

- How to eat: Tastes better cold

- Precautions: Beware of spills when taking the lid off. Beware of seeds. 

- Storing: Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight

- Manufacturer: Kominami Nouen Co., Ltd.

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Item No. V00752999028

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