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Shinkodo: Magokoro Flat Pot 21cm


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Shinko metals (Sinkoukinzoku)


Shinkodo: Magokoro Flat Pot 21cm


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Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata is famous for its metal items. This product is made by copper craftsmen in this area. Copper kitchen products can make daily dishes even more tasty, because of their ability to transfer heat well. Shinkodo is a top brand for copper products, winning many awards for their persistence in practicality, stability, design, and quality. Their products are loved from amateurs to professionals. 

Copper pots can spread heat evenly and quickly throughout the dish, so they are great for making hot-pot dishes. Being able to cook quickly is also a perk for busy people. 

■ Size Details: diameter 21×8cm (2200ml)

■ Weight: 770g

■ Weight (including packaging): 1600g

■ Materials: *Body = copper (inner nickel plating), *handle = natural wood

■ Made in Japan

■ Brand: Shinkodo 

■ Precautions:   [precautions about inner coating] *The coating may thin away during use or when washing, exposing the copper, but it is still usable. In fact, the ion in copper has antibacterial effects so there are upsides when the coating is thinned down. 

[Precautions] *Do not over fire when it is empty. *Wash and dry after every use *The handle can get hot; handle with caution *Do not fill up to the edge *Do not store food in the pot *Do not use steel scourers or polishing powder when washing *Do not use sharp metal objects like knives when removing burnt content (It can cause damage and rust) *When cooking deep-fried food, do not let the oil go over 200 degrees C, and do not take your eyes off the pot. *Do not use for stir-fry dishes *Do not use if the handle is loose *Do not apply strong force.  *Do not use in dish washers and dish dryers 

■ Other:  [Before use] *We are very careful about quality, but if you happen to find something wrong with the item, please contact customer service or bring it to the store without using *Make sure there is no problem with the handle before using *Before using, wash thoroughly with a sponge and detergent 

[About Use] *The item is hot during and right after cooking. Handle with caution and make sure it is out of the reach of infants *The handle can get very hot and cause burns. *Using when the handle is broken can lead to accidents involving burns *Do not try to fix the handle on your own *Make sure of stability when using. *Make sure the fire is within the diameter or the pot. If the fire larger the handle can burn. This can cause odor and injuries. Make sure the fire from other stoves do not reach the handle either *Do not put the pot over fire when it is empty. It can cause damage or fires *Do not fill with too much water. It can cause the water to spill out and damage other cooking equipment *When cooking deep fried food, do not let the oil go over 200 degrees C, and do not take your eyes off the pot. Never put the lid on. Be especially cautious with IH products, as they can quickly heat up. *Over heating oil can cause fire. Always turn the fire off when leaving the kitchen. *Do not microwave; it can cause damage on the handle. *Use mittens when holding the pot *Do not use for fried food; it can damage the coating *Do not apply strong force 

[After Use] *For daily maintenance, wash with a sponge and dish detergent. Wipe the water with a cloth. A white powder like substance may arise if the maintenance is inadequate; this is solidified particle in tap water, and is not harmful. *If some contents burn and stick the the bottom, do not try to scrape it off with sharp objects. Pour hot water and wait for it to soften before washing it off normally. *Keeping salt or acidic things in the pot will cause green color to appear *If this happens, mix vinegar and salt (equal amount), soak the mixture in a cloth, and rub the cloth on the surface. After, wash, rinse and dry normally *Do not use steel scourers or polishing powder when washing the pot *Dish washers and dish dryers can cause damage to the handle so do not use. 

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