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Six Layers gauze sleeping pillow sheep


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Six Layers gauze sleeping pillow sheep


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The 10-degree slant of this pillow allows the babies to hold their head in the slightly upward position to prevent the regurgitation and blocked nose.  Both the cover and body are washable.  The anti-slippage bottom does not slide easily, allowing babies to sleep with no disturbance.  Can be used for the newborns and older.  

■ Size details (mm): About 35 × 50 × 7 cm
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 300
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 320
■ Materials / Raw Materials: Cover: Table / 100% Cotton, Back / 100% Polyester Content: 100% Polyester
■ Origin: Japan
■ Brand name: Sandeshika
■ Handling precautions:
● Be sure to use it at the reach of eyes of the guardian, please be careful not to be a burden of the baby.
● When using, please do not put only the head, please put on the pillow from the back.
● Because it may become an unexpected accident person, please avoid using like the following.
- Use for a long time - Use when sleeping - Use in a prone area - Use when there is a gap between the bed and mat
● The cover of this product, because of the nature of the material, it shrinks a little by your choice so it makes it larger.
● The contents of this product, due to the nature of the material, cotton powder may fall down. We recommend that you wash it once before use.
● When the contents are washed with water, please dry after thoroughly drying.
■ Others ● If there is no stock, it will be the production from receiving your order.
● Delivery may be delayed depending on the product.

Item No. V02839999028

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