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Kobe Coffee Meister

"Kobe Coffee Meister" Instant Coffee (Freeze Drying) ・Golden Cup MIYABI

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Japanese and U.S. Coffee

Kobe Coffee Meister

"Kobe Coffee Meister" Instant Coffee (Freeze Drying) ・Golden Cup MIYABI


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"Kobe Coffee Meister" instant coffee is concentrated rich aroma and its flavor by using a freeze drying method. It makes possible to enjoy a rich flavored coffee by simply pouring hot water anytime and anywhere. Enjoy your luxurious moment with a high quality instant coffee.

"Golden Cup MIYABI" has a distinctive elegant flavor which makes you satisfied with "the most luxurious flavor".

Contained: 100 g


Ingredients: Coffee beans

Nutrition Facts: 100 g

· Energy (kcal): 4

· Protein (g): 12.6

· Fat (g): 46.7

· Sodium (mg): 3

 Contents: 100 g

Weight (incl. packing) [g]: 360 g

Place of origin: manufactured and processed: Japan 

How to serve: place 1 teaspoon into a mug (cup), fill with hot water to desired level, and stir well.

Cautions: seal tight after opening, and do not use a wet spoon.

How to store: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store at a room temperature

 Expiration date (from date of manufactured): 3 years

Manufacturer: Nichibeicoffee Co., Ltd.


Item No. V04573999028

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"Kobe Coffee Meister" Instant Coffee (Freeze Drying) ・Golden Cup MIYABI 5

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