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Powder green tea 1.2 g ×10 sticks


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Yamato Kogyo


Powder green tea 1.2 g ×10 sticks


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Whole Benifuki tea leaves from Shizuoka were ground into an ultra-fine powder using a super micron (low-temperature/non-oxidizing) process. Nutrition is preserved, and 3-methyl catechins contained in tea leaves are great for the hay fever season or as a pick-me-up. Contains 10 sticks, each for use with a 500ml plastic bottle.

■ Ingredients: Befu Fuuki Green Tea
■ Per 100 g of nutrient content
Energy (kcal): 391
Protein (g): 30.7
Lipid (g): 6.5
Carbohydrate (g): 52.3
Sodium (mg): 2.7
■ Contents : 1.2 g
■ Country of Origin: Japan
■ How to  enjoy: Put one stick (1.2 g) for 500 ml of water and shake well before drinking.
■ Please Note: After drinking a bottle of water in a plastic bottle, put the powder, please shake well before drinking.
■ Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please save in cool dark place.
■ Manufacturer name: Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Item No. V03026999028

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