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Uji Sencha Tea


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Uji Kaigan


Uji Sencha Tea


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Sencha green tea, 100% from Uji, Kyoto. The tea leaves are grown with plenty of sunlight and processed using traditional techniques. Enjoy the refreshing and mild bitterness of Uji tea. 

■Ingredients: Green tea

■Content: 100g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: [3 servings] Put 8g of tea leaves in a tea pot. Boil water and slightly cool it to about 75℃. Pour 240ml of this water into the tea pot and leave for 50 seconds. Serve into cups so that the darkness is even.

■Precautions: Beware of burns when handling hot water. 

■Storing: Avoid heat, humidity, and strong scents

■Manufacturer: Uji Koen

Item No. V02228999028
Jan: 4960302000176

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