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  9. Otsu-Hyakufuku-Kabusecha Teabags (5g×3) EKOK5


Otsu-Hyakufuku-Kabusecha Teabags (5g×3) EKOK5


In Stock V03447999028
Ekoro Haru-chan


Otsu-Hyakufuku-Kabusecha Teabags (5g×3) EKOK5


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Hyakufuku-cha is a tea blend that has a very simple taste with umami and bitterness. We recreated the nostalgic taste that dates back Edo period.  “Otsu-city Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brand” certified product. Comes in convenient teabags. 

■Ingredients: Green tea (Shiga)

■Content: 5g×3teabags

■ Place of origin: Shiga prefecture, Japan

■How to serve: For hot tea, (1)put a teabag and 200ml of lukewarm (60℃) water, (2)wait for 90 seconds, and pour into teacups. Also enjoyable as cold or ice cold tea.

■Precautions: Once opened, finish as soon as possible.

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, and extreme heat and humidity

■Manufacturer: Ekoro Haru-chan

Item No. V03447999028

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