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  7. Yamanaka Lacquerware Otoso set (rabbit)


Yamanaka Lacquerware Otoso set (rabbit)


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Yamanaka Lacquerware Otoso set (rabbit)


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”Otoso” is a kind of alcoholic drink that is traditionally drunk on New Years Day in Japan. It is said that it scares away the bad luck from the previous year, and brings health and long life for the family. This traditional custom cannot be done without an Otoso set!!  Enjoy the rabbit design drawn by Makie painting technique, and spend a great New Years. 

[Ishikawa Yamanaka Lacquerware] Yamanaka Lacquerware was one of the first to actively incorporate synthetic materials into traditional craftwork. The outcome we have today is practical, useful, and playful synthetic (modern) lacquerware using urethane paint. 

■ Size Details: 195x375x103mm

■ Weight: 410g

■ Weight (including packaging): 636g

■ Materials: ABS resin (urethane paint)

■ Made in Ishikawa

■ Brand: Maeju Lacquerware

■ Precautions:  Do not use in open heat, oven, microwave oven, or IH products. *Do not wash with dish washer, dish dryer, scrub brush, bleach, or polishing powder. *Do not soak in water for extended periods of time

Item No. V03966999028

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