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  7. Uwajima Pearl Earrings: 18K Gold


Uwajima Pearl Earrings: 18K Gold


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Uwajima Pearl Earrings: 18K Gold


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Simple gold earrings featuring Uwajima pearls. The pearls' luster attracts the eye in this design. Elegant pearls are essential for formal occasions, but now they're part of everyday fashion too. Enjoy this high-quality beauty that has been passed down over generations in your daily life.

Uwajima Pearls:
Pearl cultivation is the main industry of Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture. The city boasts the highest pearl production in Japan, and has maintained its world-reknowned beauty and quality.
*Uwajima pearls are top-grade pearls produced by advanced technology and the abundant natural environment of the Uwa Sea.  

Size (mm): post: 10mm (L)
Weight (g) (product only): 1
Weight (g) (including packaging): 65
Materials: Uwajima pearl: 7.5-8 mm, metal parts: 18K Gold
Origin: Ehime Prefecture
Brand: Shinju Kaikan
Precautions: Real pearl - color and shine may differ from photo. A certain amount of imperfections (nacre blemishes) may be present.


Item No. V03659999028

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