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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans (roasted black beans)


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Ekoro Haru-chan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans (roasted black beans)


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“Otsu Hyakumachi Hyakufuku Stories Brand” certified product. Roasted Tamba black beans produced in Shiga prefecture. The special roasting method, long developed by professional engineers, brings out the sweetness and softness of the black beans to the fullest. Enjoy the delicious flavor you’ve never tasted before. 

*“Otsu Hyakumachi Hyakufuku Stories Brand” aims to recreate the liveliness of Otsu city in Edo period. The products certified for this brand have a strong connection to the history, culture, technology, and materials of this area. 

■Ingredients: Tamba Soy Beans (Shiga)

■Content: 80g

■ Place of origin: Shiga prefecture, Japan

■How to serve: Eat as it is, or to cook it with rice, use one bag for 540ml of rice (558ml water). 

■Precautions: No preservatives or artificial additives included 

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, and extreme heat and humidity

■Manufacturer: Ekoro Haru-chan

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V03433999028

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