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Horaiya Concentrated Amazake (Additive-free)

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Horaiya Concentrated Amazake (Additive-free)


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This non-additive concentrated amazake is produced by the long-established malted rice shop which has a history of over 100years by using the traditional production method of malted rice. This product contains 0.00% of alcohol and no sake lees, no sugar and no sweetener.

Enjoy the natural sweetness of malted rice. To drink amazake can be said "to drink intravenous drip directly" because amazake contains essential amino acid, vitamin and sugar(embryo sugar, glucose)  a lot. As a daily drink for your health, drink by mixing with water. Also, this can be utilized for cooking or sweets cooking.

12 Bags/set


Ingredient: Malted rice

Contents: 250g

Weight(g)(including packaging):3,300g

Place of origin: Japan

Serving instruction:

 · Adjust its sweetness by mixing with hot water.

 · Approximately, the content of one bag is for several cups.

 · This product can be used for sweets cooking. Put on yogurt and so on.


 ·  The color may change because this product is made from rice. There might be black grains which are made from rice in the bottle but those affect nothing to its quality.

Finish as soon as possible once opened. And store in refrigerator(under 10 degrees Celsius)

When leaving this product in room temperature, sourness and mold can appear.

Our production facility deals with wheat, soy beans.

Storage instruction: Room temperature.Refrigerate after opening.


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Item No. V04855999028

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Horaiya Concentrated Amazake (Additive-free) 4

Post date 18/07/2019 Thursday
From the time you open it, the smell is obvious. It is liquid fresh and the taste is sweet! You can use it for your cooking, eggs, tofu, even chicken and pork. Or even mix it with water for direct consumption.

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